Monday, August 31, 2009

"Hair" We GO Again

For the last few days I've been calling the boyfriend "Scruffy McScrufferson" because his facial hair was getting a little out of control! I told him he had a 4:15 shadow because the poor kid had a seriously spotty lookin' "beard." As luck would have it, his boss told him to clean up because "his beard is longer then his hair" (he recently shaved his head.) Which brings me to my point: If guys get heat at work for facial hair would chic's get it for leg hair too? I mean there has been a fews instances where I sure as hell should have shaven them or at least worn pants. I can admit I wasn't lookin' so hot but with all the things us chics have to shave...sometimes I need a freakin' break! Anywho, it's a double standard for me. I will nag/complain/B*itch about his facial hair until he shaves it but that won't work for my legs! It's every 3-3 1/2 days for me. Happy hair!