Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My "Lifetime" on the Couch

I've been watching a lot of the Lifetime Movie Network lately and I've noticed numerous commercials about menopause and incontinence. It's not exactly fair to assume I'm over a woman over the age of 45. I'm actually a 27 year old YOUNG woman; I just have a lot of time on my hands! The truth is that I actually like Lifetime movies! Many are strange but they suck me in! There are so many awesome Lifetime movies such as the one about 90 pregnancies in one high school, the one about a woman who sets a house on fire and kidnaps their baby and my ultimate favorite, the one where a guy passes syphilis around to 14 year old girls. Sometimes I'll just be channel surfing and I accidentally pause on LMN. After that, I'm stuck on the couch for 2-6 hours, depending on whether or not I feel I have something more important or more productive to do then watching LMN. It's a terrible addiction which I readily admit to my best friend whenever it starts. She understand because she has the compulsion for LMN too! However, she has 2 kids and a job which I guess, can be considered slightly more important than my life! Happy lifetime!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Waiting Game Staring: ME

I've been spending a lot of time at Newark airport lately: I pick up Aunt B every Thursday night. I've come to realize the airport, or perhaps the people at the airport, are quite strange. I'm forced to witness the awkward hello's and goodbye's while waiting for B. And there are the people who park in the exact spot where it's clearly marked "NO PARKING." Those people boggle my mind because there are 338383 other places to park and wait. I also love the cops that come around and force everyone away from the curb. Now we have 383383 mindless people circling Newark airport. Some of them are the ridiculously fast people: No blinkers, no cares(Don't you know it's the Daytona 500?) OR worse, the slow people: Sunday drivers at rush hour(Impossible to get around.)I feel very anxious on Thursdays.

However, It just might be worse on the inside. Last week, in an non-Picking-up-Aunt-B trip, I was sitting by myself near my gate when a business woman sits down next to me. She proceeds to make 38383 crazy, loud sales calls (Selling the #1 worst thing: CARS.) I wanted to punch her in the face; I freakin' hate pushy people! Down the aisle a bit was "Miss.I gotta call mom...I'm so scared." Now, I have nothing against people who are scared of flying(although, it REALLY is safer than driving but you'd be "CRAZY" if you were scared of cars) but much like Mrs.Salesman, I'd rather you sit in an unoccupied row if you're going to be loud and annoying! Needless to say, It was an awkward waiting period for everyone involved.