Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Cop Hatin' and You Can't Stop Me

While sitting at a red light yesterday, a ridiculously unattractive cop pulls me over. He gets out of his car and starts examining mine. So when he asks me "do you know why I stopped you?", I reply "uh, no", slightly confused. I'm thinking "oh crap I probably have a tail light out or something silly," after all he was checking out my car for a good 30 seconds! I give him my paperwork plus a PBA card (thanks JC!) and he proceeds to his car. 25 terribly exhausting minutes later he hands me a speeding ticket and says "Here you go, you didn't seem too concerned about getting one." I just can't let this one go so, I say "excuse meeeee, what the F is the point of a PBA card?" "Well, I gave you the PBA card back instead," says the nerdy cop. He starts walking to his car as I yell "I didn't didn't want the damn card back!!!"

Sigh. Here is where I tell you this: I have spent the last 8 years abiding all traffic laws and above all else, loving cops! But this love of mine ends here. I will no longer check out cops, text JLE about them or blog about hot cop interactions. They are dead to me! Since when do cute Chic's not get out of tickets? This marks my first ticket and the first time I have ever needed to use a PBA card! Now, I am forced to wonder why PBA cards don't work for me? Is it because I am not cute? Nah, that sure isn't it! ;) Perhaps it is because I am sick right now and just kind of cranky? who knows! I am not lying when I say I have at least 10 PBA cards wasting space at home. I don't freakin' speed! In fact, 383838 people have mocked my lack of speed while cruising on the parkway.

I laugh at this $85 dollar speeding ticket. I'd rather pay all the court fees in the world then plead guilty. See ya in court Officer Fattie!

PS. Military guys and Firefighters: You're still hot in my book!

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