Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playing in Traffic

I hate to Say it but God must be punishing me! I went to Barnes & Noble today to buy a much needed toextbook. I'm not able to buy it online and save at least 30% because I have homework due in two days (Keep in mind..i'm angry to begin with!) So, as i'm waiting on line to pay I start browsing the "self-help" books. It certainly is a smart move of BN to put the self-help books next to the register. After all, it is resolution season! Anyway, I start skimming "Theres still time to change" and I get the worst paper cut of my life. I'm standing in line with blood running down my hand and thinking "wow, it sure isn't a good sign to cut yourself while reading a self-help book!" After that incident, I come to the conclusion that this shitty, 30 page, paperback, textbook just cost me $50. I'm suddenly feeling depressed; the way I feel the first week of every semester of college. So, I get a chocolate banana shake from starbucks and I plop down on the sofest chair I can find. I let out a huge sigh, stare straight ahead and what do I see directly in front of me? A book that I read in college when I lived in NY. That is just SO not fair! I've made changes and decisions on letting go of my unhappy thoughts. I don't want to think of that time in my life anymore or ever again yet, there it is...the one book I remember and its hitting me like a ton of bricks.

It just comes at an odd time because just yesterday I was saying to my mom "god must be punishing me" but really how much does he hate me!? It started Christmas eve when I went to get a routine oil change. They told me I needed tires and that they had a cheaper import that would save me a great deal of money. BUT I feel you get what you pay for and this is why I have credit cards. So $724 and a few sad, money-troubling tears later, I leave with four shiny new tires.

The ride home was super fun because when I went over 50MPH the whole car started shaking. They didn't balance my tires corectly and I had to waste another 2 hours to get it fixed. The following week my tire pressure light comes on. I check the air and one tire is extremly low. The light then proceeds to come on again this week (its the same damn tire again.) It looks like I have a slow leak in my brand new $175 tire!!!! I'm freakin' pissed! I'm freakin' tired! I'm freakin ready to ride the bus! grrr I'm just waiting for bad thing #3 happen lol Just Kidding! I'm not that angry. I was much angrier when the hoodlum from AP threw a rock through my back windshield! Money goes as fast as it comes. SO much for having savings! Perhaps I should invest some time into finding a sugar daddy and/or a bf? lol

In short, God, I'm sure does love me. BUT this simply must be a test of how much crap I can take before i start playing in traffic!!


  1. you spend 175 on a tire?? are you freaking nuts?? Eh I think sometimes its just some bad luck. Most of the time its just streaks here and there of it. Better yet find a better tire place... where did ya go btw so I can stay clear of that facility. Hopefully the place replaced and fixed the issue(you should have been doing something more fun on xmas eve silly).

  2. That's just how much my tires are.. sport tires or something! thanks for the comment! :P