Thursday, March 12, 2009

My "Phobia" of Decimals & Division

In my 33737th year of college, my "fun-loving" professor announces that we're not allowed to use calculators on our midterm. I'm thinking "Um...well, this isn't a math class...So, that's fine." Then, as I'm reading the study guide I see 12 statistical math problems with decimals and division that only a freakin' genius could figure out with out a calculator. This is an a infectious disease class; my elective. Now, going back to my grade school days, we learned math with calculators! The same goes for middle school, high school and even county college! Now in my senior year, with just 6 weeks to go, I'm supposed to learn this unnecessary and time consuming task? F*ck that! So, I raise my hand and say "We grew up using calculators." He says with an attitude "get over your phobia's of math." I don't have a god damn phobia! I'm certain of my phobia of bugs but math is not scary!! Really, I'm a good student (well most of the time), I have a 3.7 GPA and I strive for A's but this is freakin' ridiculous! I'm tired; tired of college and professors that are out to fail you. I miss the Dr. Shen's and Prof. Yin's of my college career. The moral of this story: I'm not going to grad school! I'm DONE!

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