Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goodbye Swimmers

I don't really get that whole tight jeans/bum hanging out style! First of all, why not just buy longer jeans? Afterall, guys do get select-a-length when they purchanse pants (chic's only get to choose from 3!) Second of all, perhaps these tight-jean wearing freaks could buy more fashinable undies? Why do I always see granny-white boxers? Which brings me to my third point: Why not wear briefs? Briefs could save these boys from the infamous "bubble-bum" caused by boxers that ride up. My last point is that guys legs are way toooo skinny and tight jeans just worsens the situation. I don't even know if non-stick-like legs would work in tight jeans (I think they'd prob get stuck in them!) However, there really arent that many guys with nice legs except of course my future husband, who has not only lovely legs, but they arent hairy either (plus he is just so damn cute!) In short, this style is just soooo not hot. Cover your bony non-existant bum; no one wants to see it!

PS. I'm really starting to wonder if all that tightness around the front is even that great for all those swimmers! Sounds like a low-sperm-count future if you ask me!

PPS. If my BF wore the same size/style pants as me...I'd be concerned! Watch out!

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