Monday, February 16, 2009

Tree Hugging Freak or Simply Taylor?

One of my professors announced that we have to do a group project. I HATE group projects because there is always that one person who doesn't do their part. Since I'm a leader by nature, I'm the idiot always picking up the slack! Surprisingly, my group is super organized; we had a topic and a plan in under 10 minutes. I became friendly with one person in the group and we started talking abouthand-outs (or "dittos" as some like to call them.) This professor wants us to print out 60 pages of hand-outs a week. It's comical that I have to pay for such outrageous amounts of printing; I guess my$12,000 tuition couldn't possibly cover it? Either way, I told herthat I just bring my laptop to avoid printing all those pages. She said "Who cares, just print them in the computer lab…it's free." Well, actually I care about the environment and that's like a whole freakin' tree I'm going to kill (and throw in the landfill!) I mentioned this to her and she bursts out laughing (perhaps mocking me)Who knew loving the earth was so funny?!

My mom and I now bring reusable bags when we go shopping. I don't mind carrying them around and also, they don't rip soon as you get in the parking lot like crappy plastic bags. Now hear my favorite reuseable bag story: I tell the cashier that I have my own bags; she ignores me and starts using the plastic ones. So I repeat myself and she automatically throws the brand-new plastic bag in the garbage. I think she missed the point of reusable bags!

I'm not a tree-hugging freak (as some have called me in the past!) I just want to make a difference but how can I with such idiots in the world? Some people leave the water on while brushing their teeth, leave the lights on when they leave the room or throw their cigarette butts on the ground (I HATE to use a dirty smoking reference but I must!) How are these common practices when littering is so taboo? Wake up, they're all the same!

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  1. No offence but this reminds me of the other day when I went to Fedex to ship some stuff. I was at the raitan center, and the lady was doing all her work to ship my stuff. In the center there is this deli called Harold's, which serves huge sandwichs. So I ask her"Hey i bet you get harold's a lot for lunch huh?" She basically blew up and said she was vegetarian, and basically gave me dirty looks for eating meat... so I was like hmmmm let me recover this... so I say "what about their cakes or dessert"(cause their cakes are huge). Then basically another "I dont eat that either" and some more dirty looks. So basically I tried to get out of there as fast as possible. So it makes you think why be nice to people when they do not want to accept you for how you are? :P