Sunday, February 1, 2009

Watch Out For Falling Coconuts: PART II

In Costa Rica there is no such thing as straight hair! I attempted to straighten on the first day but my $300 straightener, the chi, couldn’t even tame my curly nightmare! Even, LL who has straight hair, had a bit of wavy tresses. LH and LV had a tie for the best beach hair. I grew to love going about life curly. It was easy as hell, I saved so much time and really, it was messy and hot!

On the second day in Costa, I was searching all closets, drawers, and cubby holes for an iron. I’ll admit, I have a serious fear of wrinkles! I just don’t like them and in fact, I enjoy ironing! Ask any one who’s been on vacation with me…I iron all their clothes for them too! Anyway, I finally got an Iron sent up from housekeeping. Surprisingly, I didn’t use it that much; it must have been my awesome packing skills because my clothes were mostly wrinkle free! OR perhaps I was intoxicated much of the time and didn’t notice! Georgia, our friend, walked in and was like “An Iron… is that really necessary!?” BUT he’s a boy and he was staying in a hostel. You don’t need to worry about your clothes while staying there… You’ve got to worry about your life (please don’t ever watch those hostel movies… you may cry just like I did!)

Costa Rica is really into recycling! There are a bunch of recycling cans and signs every telling you to recycle. Everyone drinks their Imperial beer in cans but I’m just not a fan of cans! I’m not a fan of cans in general because the beer tastes like poo! So, on my 38383 trips to the “Megasuper” food store, the cashier always started rambling something to me in Spanish as I’m buying my usual 12 beers. I don’t know Spanish (except for one dirty sentence) so, I kind of shrug and leave. However, one day LV was there and translated for me. Apparently you pay more for bottles in Costa (much like NY)Either way, I’m on vacation and I want my freakin’ beer in bottles! It was bad enough that you could barely find beer in 6packs (don’t even bother looking for cases!) Twice daily, you’d find us lugging clinking bottles of beer back to our hotel! I’m sorry, if it offends you…I’m kind of a heavy drinker on vacation!

I heard about these awesome sunsets before we left. However, it was always cloudy at 5pm! We really only saw 2 nice sunsets out of 7 days. Alex Rodriguez really wanted to walk on the beach with me at sunset but I declined. I don’t know why. I guess I just wanted a Costa Rican baby from him and nothing more! :P He, no longer will return my e-mails. Should I presume that he’s over it?! Lol

Our hotel was beautiful but you had to walk down this shady street to get into town. Dilapidated shanty’s were on either side and it kind of freaked us all out. One night, I was going to be brave and walk down the street alone but then a nice NY boy that we met walked me back. I went for beer with him, while LV and LH were doing tequila shots with the other NY boys (That crap is not for me!… I LOVE Guaro!) Anyway, we never really had to walk alone down the shady street at night because we made friends with someone new every day! We were very social there! Everyone had at least one crush while in Costa! My crush was by far the cutest! hehehe

While we were sitting around with the NY boys, I decided that I wanted to go look at the hookers at Beetle bar. I recruited one of the NY boys to come with me and we walked across the street to see the hookers! On the way people kept asking us if we wanted to buy weed. The NY boy finally bought some from the 7th guy…I don’t blame him… That was a lot of peer pressure! Anyway, they wouldn’t let me in because you had to be 18 and I didn’t have any ID with me. I was kind of bummed but I got over in when he went in and said it was kind of scary! Later on I realized that they must have thought I was a hooker because the only girls that go there are hookers! Fun times!

Everyday people were making fires on the beach. They were burning palm trees leaves and it was kind of smelly while I was tanning my bod! When I was on the island tour I met some other NY boys. They were humorous and I kept talking to this one Puerto Rican. I kept thinking the entire time “what kind of Puerto Rican has green eyes!?” LOL It was kind of silly because some Puerto Ricans have blonde hair and blue eyes!

My last thought about Costa Rica is: I wish I didn’t accidentally bring home 39998 in Colones because that could buy A LOT of beer in American money!

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