Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Cracked Up Christine

If I had any speck of doubt that section 8 people lived in my apartment's long gone! Yesterday crazy Christine from the second floor volunteered to help me "shovel" out my car. Here's how it went down: I'm outside clearing off my car and crazy Christine hops out of a taxi, smelling like booze (This is typical.) I'm slightly confused. Is she JUST getting home? It's 7am and she's wasted! Anyway, she says "I'll be right back down to help." Ten minutes later she is shoving a sad excuse for chocolate chip cookies in my face "AH, I made these for you!" No one in their right mind would eat cookies from a crackhead but I say thanks and leave them on the curb. So, now she is attempting to crack the ice off my BRAND NEW car with a shovel! I cringe in fear of dings and scratches and pull the shovel from her hand! Anyway, in the end I got my car out. I was just a little concerned because 45Min's later she was still shoveling the street! I guess crack for crackheads is as good as spinach for popeye.

PS. Almost inside, I hear "TAYLOR... Don't forget your cookies!" DAMN, I was trying to forget them! Soon as I'm safe in my apartment, I say "YUCK" out loud and toss those filthy things in the trash! Later that evening I hear her banging on all of the neighbors doors and yelling "YO, more cookies!!" God, I love this apartment.

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