Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dolla' Drama

Yesterday, against my best judgment, I went to the dollar store. It was ridiculously crowded with people buying their valentines..well, uh...valentines. It's not exactly the ideal place that I'd like MY valentine to shop for a gift but then again, I don't have a valentine(I must have forgotten!) Anyway, as I'm waiting in the abnormally long line, I realize exactly what town I'm in. It's humorous because I said "I'm not going to the Asbury dollar store...I'll get shanked for my $1.07" but here I am stuck between chic with 7 different baby daddy's and world's most WT guy. I thought Neptune City would shield me from the hoodlums but I was wrong. I'm losing patience waiting in line when some ghetto twenty-something at the front starts yelling "I ain't paying a dolla' 29 for some cheap ass balloon...What kind of f'n dolla' store is this?" She proceeds to storm out of the store like she made some kind of HUGE political statement. All this over $.22? I chuckle knowing she's gonna go to Walgreens and pay $2.99. In short, I will never go to the "dolla'" store again. In fact, I will never go to Neptune again! Hey China! You can't have my money!

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