Friday, February 26, 2010

Bury Me In Ocean GRAVE

I love OG but it should be renamed Ocean Grave! The old folks are freakin' driving me crazy. There are only two types of old people in OG. There are the ones who are extremely cautious or the ones who don't give a damn about anything. There is no middle ground here just tons of crazies walking and, god forbid, driving!

The other day I stopped home on my lunch break to get something and as I'm driving out of OG, I get stuck behind grandma. I was doing 20MPH and I have to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting her bumper. She's doing a cool 15MPH and proceeds to turn around and give me the finger. All the while, she keeps slamming on her breaks every 20 seconds. After a ridiculously long 5 minutes, she finally pulls over to the right side of the road and as I'm passing, I see her yelling obscenities. Soooooorry Dottie but the speed limit is 25MPH and you're being a freakin' nutty! Isn't OG such a nice religious town?!

Fast forward to today. I'm driving in OG, very slowly, I might add (It's a blizzard!) and this 173 year old couple crosses the street in front of me with out even a glance in either direction. I slam on my breaks and slide to a stop on the left. I'm thinking "thank GOD, I didn't hit those oldies" but I'm pretty sure they were thinking " Earl, would ya look at that whippersnapper...she almost killed us!" So, I finally continue on but not with out death stares from the odd couple, Earl and Gladys.

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