Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shenanigans, Schmanigans...Call Me Crazy!

It felt good to wake up at 6am today. It felt even better because not only did I clean my apartment and cook dinner, I also went for run (all before 7:15am!) It was nice getting back into running especially since I have a lot on my mind! Shin splints or not, I do enjoy running!

Anyway, yesterday was terrible. After a long day of taking care of a cranky newborn and a bossy 2 year old, I come home to a horrific car insurance bill. I used to pay just $995 a year and now, shitty Geico wants me to pay $2600. AND I didn't do anything wrong. In fact, I'm a ridiculously good driver (Even more so after "The Accident.") I don't see why shit from the past keeps coming up. Leave me alone Karma...I'm innocent!!! All I keep thinking is that I'm going to have to sell my beautiful, new car because I can't afford insurance. THEN, I'll have to find a job within walking distance. Which I suppose is doable since, just yesterday, my neighbor basically offered me a waitress job on the AP boardwalk. I don't know...I just can't picture myself serving people! OR worse: working nights and weekends! Well, I guess I've done it in the past during my many years at the candy/ice cream store.

I just really never imagined that at 26 I'd be contemplating a job that doesn't include my passions; Writing or photography. BUT then again, I really never imagined that I'd be living a crappy apartment, either! I thought for sure I'd have my sweet, little craftsman with a yard and dog (I guess there could be a husband thrown in there somewhere too... eh maybe.) So, seeing that my life is not what I expected, I guess a random (hopefully good money making)job isn't out of the question.

All these random thoughts of the past have to be the cause of my crazy dream last night. It might not of helped that I had a good 10 hours of sleep; perfect for random dreams! Lets just say I married someone from the past; the VERY distant past. The strange part was the fact that it was an arranged marriage. Oddly enough, since I met this character I said that I was going to marry him. EVEN dear JLE has always said that's how my life would end. It was only few years ago that I called off those shenanigans. So, why in this dream was I forced into it? STRANGE; very strange!

Overall, after last nights crying episode and today's early rise, I feel better. Perhaps I can go on with my not so typical life. :)

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