Friday, July 2, 2010

Now Pee This

Leaving the toilet seat up is like a crime against women! My lovely BF only left it up a few times BUT I had to yell at him and force him to come put it down. Sure, I could have put it down myself but it's the principle! It's appalling, hurtful and just plain GROSS! Do we leave USED tampons in the toilet?! I would never! In fact, leaving-the-seat-up shenanigans caused me to break it off with a guy once (OK...Maybe there were other reasons too!) It seems like bad manners to me; How could mom approve!? The argument I've heard is this: "Maybe I'm just forgetful." Well, personally I don't care to date someone forgetful even though, I'm sort of forgetful(How doublestand-ish of me!)

The other day I was introduced to someones fiancee like this: "This is my AWESOME fiancee, Joe." He seemed nice and then, asked to use the bathroom. Shortly after I went in and saw the seat up! I immediately labeled him as not-so-awesome Joe and went on my way! If you marry someone who leaves the seat up what else will he forget!? I dare not tread down that road! Enjoy your peeing! :)

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