Monday, March 22, 2010

Cougar In The City

The other day I was walking with LL at the Seaside parade when some random guy jumped in front of us. Apparently, he wanted to converse with us but all I wanted was a beer (I was late and my beer intake was pretty low!) So, we giggle and walk around him. THEN he yells "You're told old for us anyway!" Now, why is it assumed I'm too old for a "21" year old? Could it possibly be that I just don't find your attractive?!? I later asked a guy we knew if I could pass for 21 and he agreed. I was also told just last week that "you couldn't possibly be 26...I thought 19 or 20!" Am I turning into a cougar? I have always joked with AK that we're cougars and superfoxes but now when I think back to that...we we're uh, 21 then! So, now I'm wishing I never said I was a cougar (I'll keep superfox because that is so ridiculously true!) Well, 30 is looming closer and closer and I'm still getting nervous! Off to buy wrinkle cream!!

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