Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Auto Glass or Die!

Oh joy…another boulder hit my windshield today. It made a nice split right next to the ridiculously large crack that I acquired from a previous boulder. I’m starting to think that employees of Safelite Auto Glass drive down the parkway and deposit hefty rocks for their own fun! Hey...that’s one way to keep business up. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and see just how much money I’ve given to Safelite…

1. $510: Back windshield (thanks random hoodlum who threw a rock)
2. $230: Passenger side window (thanks juvenile delinquent who used a crowbar)
3. $65: Front windshield repair (previous boulder)
4. $400: Future windshield replacement

I’m not a math whiz but that’s $805 of my hard earned money with a possible $400 more in the near future. I feel numb over this glass issue because I REALLY love my money! I can tell you one thing: Safelite Auto Glass is definitely recession-proof! Perhaps I should quit my journalism dream and work in auto glass repair? Well, I don’t enjoy getting dirty or working in the cold…So,that’s probably out. My last option: I don’t gamble(once again..I love my money!) but I’m thinking of trying to win some cash in Vegas! 4/22/09…Wish me luck!

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