Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Delete Me Bro!

Facebook really sucks! THERE.... I said it! Here's the thing: I miss anonymity! There is no longer a question of what your friend, your ex or even you great-aunt Helen over in Kansas is doing. You know who they're talking to, what they're doing, hell... you even know WHO they're doing! I'm tired of knowing it all! I've been forced to hide, block and delete the people who give too much information! No longer do you need to call your friends after work; You already know their whole day and life!

I miss the days of ringing doorbells. Now it's a text saying "Hey, I'm outside!" How about the days of snail mail? Romance is gone! The only letters you get are spam! Barely, will your crush call let alone send a letter. Usually it's a text saying "How was your day, babe?" Really, communication is out of control. I realize that I'm a communications major (and I love to communicate!) but what the hell is wrong with this world! I'd give up texting/blackberry messaging/e-mailing/instant messaging in exchange for some intimacy! Send me a letter or just show up! I miss 1999. Sure, some people had beepers but I didn't! (Not a fan of touching the nasty 7-11 payphone!) Text messaging didn't even exist! People wrote letters/notes to their hunnies! Where the F is that time machine!?!?

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