Friday, January 15, 2010

I Don't Do Coke!

It was 9:45PM and I had just gotten comfy in bed... Reading a book. I'm not one for wearing a lot of pj's to bed (it's 38383 degrees in my apartment) so, when I hear knocking at my door...I'm scrambling to find pants as not to scare the mystery knocker! I know it's my friendly neighbor, mark, because he is yelling and banging on the door "Taylor, Hey...It's Mark." Apparently, I was not quick enough to answer. So, what does he want? He would like to know if I'd like a 12 pack of soda. I find this odd and ever odder that it's 10pm and he's asking if I want regular or diet. Needless to say, I didn't take any. AND it's not because I don't like soda. In fact, I LOVE soda but I spent 3 hours and MANY days of pain, getting my teeth whitened. There is NO WAY in hell, I'm losing these white chompers to the yellow tinge of cola!

Anyway, another note on my lovely neighbor. He is always quite friendly and I like him. One day he knocked on my door and I'm thinking he might ask to borrow the usual "cup of sugar" but he wanted a flash light! I just find it funny because when I said "Mark, you owe me a cup of sugar now," he said "Well, I don't have sugar but I have muscles!" I'm not quite sure how to take that comment.

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