Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

I woke up today, day 3 of unemployment, and decided that I needed to start reading again. I used to love reading! I used to love it so much that I could easily read a 500 page book in one sitting. So, I made my way to this library that I had once passed while jogging. After an hour of collecting books I made my way to the check-out counter. I asked for a new library card because I'm new to Monmouth county. I find out they charge $50 dollars for one and then, ridiculously sensitive me, starts crying. Since when do libraries cost money?!? I start explaining that I've always lived in Ocean county and it's never cost me a dime! All of a sudden 5 Librarians come out of the woodwork to subdue me (Or so they might hope.)Now, 6 nerdy book lovers are staring at me and one says "well, I was at a library the other day and it cost $75!" Is this supposed to make me feel better?! F you lady, books are free where I come from! AND why the hell are you traveling to other libraries anyway?! Don't you get enough boredom at work?? I storm out of there wondering why the hell I moved here. Monmouth county sure is snoody! I'm very confused because I thought rich people just bought books!

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