Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taylor's Law

I took a trip down memory lane today. It was a pretty shitty vacation. In fact, I wish I'd gone anywhere else; Even to the dentist! Anyway, I was in search of a few old pictures to fill my photo coasters. Unfortunately, on the hunt I found 383838 pictures of ex's. Who the hell wants to look at those?! AND I'm thinking "Why the hell did I take so many?!" The question now stands: What should I do with these photos? Burning them in a huge fire pit first pops into my head. I would Especially like to burn the ones of a certain ex. BUT what if my memory fades? Do I even want to remember?! There has to be at least 383838 memories that I wish to erase from my head but only time will tell if they truly disappear. As for the random shots...well, perhaps I'll let them stay in my albums for now. BUT I propose a new law against relationship pictures; I'm OK with a 6 month waiting period before you're allowed to snap a picture. Sure, it's longer than the waiting period for a gun but believe me...these can cause way more damage!

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